YouTube was founded in 2005 by three PayPal employees (Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim) who had trouble sharing a dinner party video in order to prove that the party actually happened. Karim felt the idea truly started with the 2004 Super Bowl, when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction and when the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred.

Karim had trouble finding the videos and this lead to him creating an online video sharing site where people could find these videos at a moment’s notice. While on the other hand, Hurley and Chen believed, it started when they wanted to create a video version of an online dating app based off the app “Hot or Not”. The first video uploaded was titled, “Me at the zoo”, where Karim is showed at the San Diego Zoo.

YouTube was named so to show that it is You which equals personalization, and Tube which refers to video or TV (picture tubes that connect to a TV). YouTube was released in February 2005 and was later bought out by Google in November 2006 for $1.65 billion.

YouTube was first used to upload and view videos in one convenient location. Now YouTube is the third most viewed website, with over 1 billion users worldwide, and hundreds of millions of hours are watched every day. It is used not only as a video sharing site but most recently used as one of the main social media marketing trends and strategies.

Most marketers are starting to market through YouTube for many different factors. One major factor is because of the expansion of 4g/LTE. This makes it easy to stream videos at the touch of your fingertips. YouTube’s statistics say that mobile watchers’ “average viewing session is now more than 40 minutes, up more than 50%”.  Which proves how YouTube is bringing in more than half of their viewing through mobile devices.

These statistics prove that more viewing is swinging towards hand held devices. With the social media market targeted toward handheld devices, YouTube is focusing on becoming the “new TV”. Along with the videos that are willingly being watched, are advertisements that have, most recently, popped up before almost every video. Some videos don’t have an advertisement at the beginning but advertisements could be throughout the video either from the YouTube star (product placement) or from YouTube having intervals of advertisements in videos over a certain amount of time.

Since there is major pull from handheld devices, such as, cell phones and tablets, it is crucial to have videos that are not only short and eye catching, but also great to watch on the go and on smaller formatted screens. YouTube has participated in this by creating shortcuts and easy access to the same things you would need to go to another video or link, but on a smaller device. They not only created cards but are now able to post a link of another video on top of the screen of the video you are currently watching.

A new factor in any social media is that it spreads quickly. YouTube will and continues to spread even quicker through short videos that are interesting and more eye catching than reading an article (viral videos). Many marketers are releasing short 30 second advertisements to grab the viewer’s attention in a subtle yet action efficient way.

The nature of a person is to share whatever they find interesting, so the more shown, the more likely that the specific advertisement or product will go viral. An example of this, are the advertisements by Old Spice. They have shown so many videos that catch most people’s eyes. They not only post the same iconic videos, but they change the advertisements to keep the people entertained and on their toes. Their videos continue to go viral very quickly and most people associate the old spice guy with Old Spice and nothing else. It has become engrained in people’s brains and left a permanent mark.

Another alternative factor is that the YouTubers are sampling and testing products for the viewers, so they will be able to make smarter decisions on what they should buy. YouTube can create a comfort through their own services and through their YouTubers.  The YouTube viewer can feel comfortable in what they are deciding on because YouTube and YouTubers are endorsing the products. This proves that this generation is all about buying the newest and trendiest items, but only if they are efficient, work well, and have a definite good review of the product from other people.

The videos made are the future of marketing to help not only the viewers make smarter decisions, but also to create a bond and future marketers through YouTubers. The companies and the YouTubers that are endorsing their products are there to help create an atmosphere that the viewer is watching to prove to them the benefits of that product and why they should buy it.

Besides for the outside influences of product placement, YouTube also helps promote the products on the channel itself. The companies can create a channel and customize it based on their brand colors, logos, and much more. When creating their channel, they can choose names that promote what they are trying to sell instead of just choosing a random name or combination. The point of the videos is not only to promote the product, but it also there to help connect to the viewers. The connection is important because the viewers are less likely to read content, and can connect better through a deeper and emotional way-through sight.

Other ways to promote your business on YouTube is by driving traffic to your website. The first way is that your content can be shown through YouTube, but also come up on the results page of and major search engine. The company is more likely to come up toward the top in the results because it is a video and not a written article; especially because in this generation most viewers want the information given to them in the most efficient way possible. The most efficient way possible is to have a video because you don’t have to sit and focus on what needs to be read, you can most of the time just listen to what someone is saying.

There are also YouTube cards, which let you add text, pictures and other videos. Cards help connect and promote what you want instead of having annotations. If annotations come up on a hand-held device they must be removed to view the video, making the user not want to watch it. So, cards help not only organize, but cause people to want to watch the videos.

YouTube has progressed and gained a lot of marketers’ attention to spread the word of advertising through their social media. YouTube has specifically helped marketers by providing ways to customize, organize, and create viral videos and sharing. YouTube doesn’t only help the marketer but inevitably helped the viewer, who is interested in the products. YouTube is helping the viewer have better access and enjoyment for what they are watching and being recommended. They are helping spread the word of companies, large and small, to create a more productive and useful society, where everyone is happy and everything is simplified.

Since the social media market rising, this generation is becoming comfortable with the combination of visual and oral video. It is helping a lot of people comprehend the information at a faster rate and more information in the long run. This gives the marketer a better advantage because YouTube is creating a way to get a wider selection of people and continue to pass it on to even more people than the original amount that viewed it.

As YouTube becomes one of the main strategies of the future of social media marketing businesses have many ways to be able to promote themselves. They can take advantage of their videos becoming viral. They can use YouTube to its full advantage because it is simple to use and is easy access to many viewers.

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

The anatomy of the human energy body can change your life in dramatic ways, not only through giving you a deeper understanding of yourself but also by opening you to a part of an experience that is your birthright. Oh and one more thing, check back often! There is plenty anatomy to learn.

Anatomy of The Human Energy Body The Center

The center deserves its tome. This has many names in many traditions, in tai chi, it is sometimes called the lower Tan Tien. In Zen, it is sometimes called the sea of awareness. In the traditions of energetic seeing and seership that I’m familiar with, it’s only called the center, and it resides a few inches below the belly button.

It should be noted that the center should not be confused with the second chakra. Instead, it represents the location where many sophisticated non-physical aspects of human experience are located. The center of attention, awareness, being, and power originate from this space below the belly.

In fact this aspect, energetically, is you. Because most of all it is the center of the experience.

Part of what this aspect of the human energy body represents is the part of your being which originates all of its other parts. The center is primarily the location from which all other aspects of force can be known, whether that force is a human being or the whole of physical existence, the center is sort of like holographic data that stores the information and power of the whole.

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In the same way learning to be centered can drastically change how you see and experience reality.

But wait a minute if the center of the energy body is already below the belly there shouldn’t be anything to do with it right? After all, you can’t move your leg to your forehead.

But the center can be anywhere within your physical or energetic bodies or outside of them completely. It can split and be in two places at once, and it can even be out behind and above your head.

All of this will affect your state of being and the way you experience reality.

I might write more about how these various center locations effect your state of being at a later time, but for now (and I speak from experience) being in the space below your belly will help you be present, focused, and relaxed in any situation.

It is also a key to profound physical and non-physical motions that many martial artists and seers have had to master.

Learning to Stay Centered

There are three ways to execute being centered that work best in my experience.

  1. Breathe deeply into space just below the navel and imagine as you do so that you are pulling yourself down into the space below your navel. When you feel focused, present, and relaxed that’s a good sign you’re getting there. Pay attention to how it feels. (Note that everyone’s center is most relaxed in a slightly different place.)
  2. Take a hand and put it on your lower belly while intending to center yourself there. Imagine as you put your hand there that you see from and through this location. (Be warned this may perk up your energetic senses and change your point of view, so maintain your relaxation to avoid injury.)
  3. Practice Zazen, Yoga, tai chi, or other martial arts for an extended period. Dance also works, but learning to train and collaborate with the physical body, patiently, is the best way to create long-term centeredness. Spiritual awakening helps too.

The Anatomy of The Human Energy Body The Connection With The Earth

If the energetic center is the most important part of the anatomy of the human energy body, then the connection with the earth (often called being grounded) is probably the second most important.

We tend to allow the mind to continue its pathway of objectification if we don’t stop and become aware of its habit to do so. If the mind isn’t balanced with raw awareness, it will turn everything into an objectified idea. Men and women cease to be people and become mere concepts, animals become nearly unliving or at least inhuman and deserving of far less compassion or consideration.

Obviously, this can go on and on. Fortunately, more and more people are aware of the rising need to respect and create communication and relationship between the genders and more are standing up for the other lifeforms we share the planet with. Strangely many still seem to view the earth itself as somehow, non-living.

In energetic terms, however, the earth is a living force like you only it is older and much more powerful Visit official blog and knows how to become anorexic in easy ways.

To return to being allied and one with the earth is at the heart of good energetic practices and healthy living. People who are grounded are less phased by the difficulties of life and strangely have more energy and focus in my experience. In the martial arts, we often attempt to uproot opponents with the understanding that to do so is to destroy their ability to fight back.

Make no mistake, being ungrounded is to have no footing. To lose the connection with the earth is very much like losing one’s connection to reality.

Even the Buddha just before his awakening under the Bodhi Tree touched the earth and pronounced it his ally. As the story goes, this was what pushed him through to complete enlightenment and defeated the god of illusion.

So there are a lot of reasons to be grounded, not the least of which is that it will make you more realistic and productive in your life. So the question is how do we become more grounded and take advantage of the human energy body’s natural desire to merge with the earth.

The Human Energy Body Reconnecting With The Earth

The best way to get back in touch with the earth is to look at it as a friend. I know that there are those who are more practically focused and even those that may just be embarrassed by the thought of thinking in those terms, but do yourself a favor, try it for awhile.

The challenge I would offer is that if you start to look at yourself like a woman or man riding on the back of a giant whale or elephant that is always your ally you will never want to stop seeing that.

There is an old myth where Hercules fights one of Gaia’s sons, but even as they fight and wrestle Hercules realizes he cannot win because every time the son of Gaia touched the earth his energy was restored.

We are all the children of Gaia. If you let her, she will feed you great energies of beauty, wisdom, patience, and power too. Ultimately your energy body will thank you for it.

Another simple Tai Chi tip: drop your tailbone just slightly toward the earth and imagine a great cord moving thousands of miles down to the center of the earth. Then grab the earth with your toes to connect to both her surface and her center, see how it changes you.

online games

For the past few years, video games have been able to become a major source of entertainment. Specially unblocked online video games have removed all the barriers and now people of all ages can very easily select the game of their choice and play in no time. The boundaries of playing online video games in no more confined to one specific shop or TV. Now video games can be found and played anywhere and everywhere. No there are many different types of portable systems, mobile phones, tablets, PC’s that are making it possible for every person to enjoy video games regardless of what you do and where a person happens to be. There is no doubt in saying that home consoles and PC’s are still the most popular form of video gaming system for people of all ages.

Video games are now used as the major source of entertainment and are best used to kill idle time. Any adults, teenagers and even kids find it most fascinating to spend their time playing online video games. Video games, on the other hand, are now being used by the parents as an attention diverter for children. Online video games are very appealing to the children and there is no one specific reason that makes it so fascinating. Every child finds something fascinating that might not be that much attractive for another child. So it is now being used as an entertainment weapon by parents to change the mood of their child. Whenever they are busy solving some issue, entertaining some guests or doing some home task they find it best to engage their children with the video games to alter their mood and attention. It allows the children to simply escape from the real world into the virtual world.

This makes the parents escape their children from the dinner table where they might not be showing their best behavior in front of the guests and just go to the living room and settles into some corner and enjoy playing the video games. This keeps the child occupied and brings a major mood change.

The unblocked games77 are the most instant video games that could be played online. They offer a wide selection of popular genres of games and interactive programs of every type. Boys typically like more of shooting, fighting and racing games where as girls, on the other hand, likes the selection of style, makeup, clothing, cooking, coloring games. Unblocked games will not bring along any type of difficulty because every game is free of cost and is fast.

The kids are most irritated whenever their parents ask them to study or want them to learn something. Their mood is at their worst whenever their parents ask them to do so. To solve this issue, online games can be used.

There are many different types of educational online games for kids which will make learning more fun and entertaining. It has now been found from the research that visual media is the most effective and efficient way of learning. A child is able to retain more through videos and pictures. It also brings along the balance of learning and entertainment. Video games are more colorful and bright which gives better illustrations and allow the child to engage with the character



We all know the advantages of social media, social media helps us to get connected with others people and make it possible to share our thinking to the public. It’s the cheapest and economical way to advertise your business. Many people prefer and ventures prefer to choose this path to get promoted within a short span of time. Here we are going to introduce one of the social media application that is mobile friendly app. its name is Instagram, how is it work and how it will helpful for us the questions that are lingering in your mind right now. Hold on, we are going to help you to understand its working and how can you also take help from this app for any purpose.

Instagram is the app that allows users to upload six seconds videos. It’s the user-friendly app that is easy to understand for any individual through video uploading you can convey your message to the world. Instagram became famous day by day and considered the best application for uploading videos. You have to make your account on Instagram and the key point is the number of followers that should follow your account on Instagram. The higher the number of followers higher will be the chance of your success on Instagram. To increase the number of followers is not so easy so to solve this problem we have the one solution for you that we are going to share with you is buy real Instagram followers with exciting packages. You can choose the package that best suits you and according to your requirement.

So let’s start to know about the packages we are offering you to buy Instagram followers.

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You will find incredible results when you buy Instagram followers with the packages that are economical and designed while keeping this thing in mind that these packages should be according to the budget of customers. So be ready and select your package to become famous on Instagram too. Hope this guide will be very useful ever.


You may have played many word search games, and as a fan, you have also learned so much from them. But have you ever thought that why you keep coming back and back for more and searching for new ones? The answers are simple you want to become word master, and you can only do it by playing such games to increase your mind’s mental abilities and make you sharp. One of the recent game is word search perfected who gives you unlimited freedom to discover and make use of letters in your way to make a right word that makes sense.

A lot of Android players have their doubts about how much time they invest in such games, and yet they learn nothing only get entertained but now all of this change. You won’t believe how many surprises are waiting for you on this one. You get to choose words and then spilled them into other words and then make a proper wording.

After saying that below we have now listed some of the real facts of A step by step guide about word search perfected that helps you become word master to help you understand what are the main features of this game, how you can play it regarding to its game play, who has developed this beautiful app, on which devices you can download it for free, is it necessary to put cheats on it to solve puzzles, and why you probably won’t want to miss this one.

  • What are the main features of this game?

There are so any great features you will get to see throughout your play. But you have to know the features first to learn its basics such as,

1) Get unlimited puzzles of word search more than 75,000

2) Words strictly used from the dictionary

3) 5 different word search grids

4) Learn English and improve your mind while having fun

5) Kid-friendly app

6) 7 little words daily

  • How can you play it regarding its game play?

The game play is quite simple in this one all you have to do is to swipe your fingers up, down, to make words and in ‘’word search perfected all levels’’ you have to do that until you make some progress.

  • Who has developed this beautiful app?

This app made by DEMOWARE who has also made so many word games in the past many years.

  • On which devices you can download it for free?

You can download this game on Androids and IOS devices for free and enjoy.

  • Is it necessary to put cheats on it to solve puzzles?

There may a time come when you get stuck on some levels for that you can put ‘’word search perfected cheats’’ to solve them by getting some hints on

  • Why you probably won’t want to miss this one?

Word search perfected is a fantastic app that you should not miss. The biggest benefit of it is that you can share your score with your friends and achieve so much.

brand development social media

Social media is a source for marketing products and services offered by a company. It is a primary element for company’s reputation and image in front of their target market. Companies have to target their customers through updated social media to recognize their customers’ preferences. Companies can build their brand by using different platforms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A brand should be reached to customers by using all of these sites because consumers prefer to use this application in the modern world.

Instagram usage for building brand

It is a platform that has shown tremendous growth. The community of this application has grown up to 400 million users during previous years. Business owners are utilizing services of Instagram to overlook its marketing potential. It can lead to high level of consumers’ engagement, profit, and brand awareness. Marketers can build their brand by using following steps on Instagram.

  1. Grow Instagram following

Without followers, Instagram cannot reach your product to more consumers. It is tricky for marketers how to build a following for their business. Instagram cannot be an effective channel of marketing without a large number of followers.

Founder Instagram Account helps to grow followers and make it easy. It helps to partner with other accounts to grow Instagram followers within a very limited period. It helps to grow 10000 followers in just a couple of weeks. To start followership, you have to create a list of Instagram accounts to reach your targeted audience. It is called shout outs which can either be paid or unpaid. Similarly the easy way is to buy instagram followers for a rapid following growth.

  1. Convert your followers into subscribers

Email marketing is an important element for marketing through social media. It is crucial to a thriving business. You have to make a list of customers to your email listing. You have to make a list of people who will purchase your products and services. Instagram can be considered as an important driver for Founder email subscribers. It converts a huge number of followers’ intro subscribers each month.   It converts 15000-3000 followers into subscribers. It depends on promotion level of Instagram.

  1. Create worthy content for followers

Content shared on Instagram must be such worthy that followers share this content. Content on Instagram must be creative, ingestible and beautiful. Your audience will respond to content if it is attractive and fulfill their requirements. Two elements on Instagram posting are important. One is engaging text, and other is beautiful images.

You have to choose beautiful and attractive images for the targeted audience. These images should tell a story of emotions. It should engage customers toward the brand. Along with this beautiful image, the engaging text must be included to give information to customers about the product.

  1. Increase highly engaged followers

Marketers’ main objective is to target audience who will not leave their brand and remain engaged. Engagement comes in many forms such as content sharing by followers, tagging with friends and interacting with other ways. You should post any updated information on Instagram when your followers see your content.

So, building a brand on Instagram is tricky but very creative. Marketers can create brand awareness through this application of social media.


The Stock Exchange in London, in partnership with the Casablanca Stock Exchange, hosted the 2nd Morocco Capital Markets Day highlighting the Its Investment Opportunities to support Morocco and the possibility of strengthening its relationship with England.The occasion was organized to reinforce the Moroccan financial market in the global platform and to exhibit the economic and financial background of the Kingdom of Moroccan not to mention the capability of its capital market. During the event, the British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa underlined the remarkable business prospects accessible for the two nations. The Minister also promoted the high points of the Moroccan economy, its unique geostrategic location, the stout existence of the Moroccan private sector in Africa as well as the political and commercial steadiness of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Morocco is currently considered as the entryway to the African economic market.

According to the State Secretary for Moroccan, the event is significant to the Kingdom as it serves as the program for a serious interaction of the frontrunners in business and investment from Morocco and England. Furthermore, the Moroccan tourism was also highlighted for making a mark as a fascinating destination for investors outside the country and travelers due to its competitive resources. Supporting the tourism sector in the economic grid of Morocco has become one of its major socio-economic development strategies. According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the effort of the Casablanca Stock Exchange to partner with its counterpart in London suggest its commitment to push forward its objectives in improving the economic status of the Kingdom of Morocco. Through the event, business partnership opportunities will be given their required additional promotion. Foreign investments and the tourism sector are expected to be increased and improved.

The tourism industry draws substantial investment, produces significant returns, and is a vital source of foreign exchange. It is also the second largest backer to national GDP and the second main producer of employment. The Managing Director of the Casablanca Stock Exchange explained that the event presents the British investors with partnership proposals in strategic areas such as in tourism, the motor sector, aeronautics, and food production, without overlooking a chance to capitalize in the Casablanca Stock Exchange. The Chief Economist of Attijariwafa Bank also shared the performance history and current economic condition of Morocco. Moreover, the recapture of public funds, the favorable development visions and the investment opportunities to be found in Morocco were also discussed.

At present, there are over two hundred Moroccan firms who are trading with those from Great Britain and approximately one hundred UK-based companies have a presence in Morocco such as British Airways, Unilever, Shell, GlaxoSmithKline, and others. The ambassador for the multilateral negotiation of COP22 also expressed his disposition to attend the meeting at the London Stock Exchange, which signifies that the Kingdom of Morocco has already saved a spot in the international market. While the Moroccan ambassador to the United Kingdom, applauded the development of Moroccan-British collaboration, encouraging the businesses in the UK to capitalize on the investment opportunities found in the flourishing economy of the Kingdom of Morocco.

buy twitter followers

Uptime is an application created by Google. It is an application consisting feature of sharing videos with friends and fellows. You can watch YouTube videos with your friends. This has been launched recently by Google. It helps social media to grow. Users have got updated feature in social media by this application.


It is an application of sharing videos with friends and fellows. It us a new app introduced to grow social media. Uptime is available only in the United States for users of iPhone. It is not available for other Android users. It is introduced recently for users of social media. They can communicate with their friends and fellows through this amazing application. It can benefit social media to grow. Some of the benefits associated with uptime can be as follows:

It increases Communication sources

Uptime can help people to communicate through video messages. It helps to connect with friends and fellows through sharing YouTube videos. Social media provides an ease for people to short distances with their families. Uptime leads to an extension of services provided by social media sources.

Sharing of videos on YouTube & Other Media like Twitter

Many social media services are available for users. YouTube is one of them. Uptime collaborated with YouTube for sharing videos with fellows. Users can follow other users on uptime and watch what others are watching. They can share video clips which they like. They can like or dislike videos by live commentary about videos. Moreover, they can suggest videos to their friends and fellows to watch and like. Twitter users who continuously get cheap twitter followers regarding price can also share the videos. It is an interesting extension of social media services by this application.

Extension of Google services

Google is a web-based application which provides services for users. It facilitates with its updating features on a regular basis. It has launched many services to facilitate the user. Uptime is an application created by Google. Uptime is based on an idea introduced by employees of Google. It was launched during 2004. Founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey brine thanked for this creative and innovative step by employees. It is an amazing extension of services provided by Google to its users. Google can grow by providing this unique idea for users. It helps users of iPhone in the United States to connect with each other.

More social video content

Uptime stresses for making video content more social. It strives to share content by floating icons of viewers of the same video. When you and your friends are watching the same video, icons of both users float across the screen. Both of you can share your feelings and ideas about that videos with each other.

So, uptime allows Google to grow by providing various features. It helps users to communicate with each other by sharing videos on YouTube. YouTube has collaborated with Google for creating such a unique and innovative application. It causes extension in services provided by Google to its users. It helps to make video content more social for users. Also, it facilitates users of iPhone in the United States. All of these aspects of uptime lead to growing Google social media.

company setup in dubai

Free zone

Free zone are those zone where a company doesn’t need to have a local investor. But there are certain restrictions for the free zones. The companies should acquire a limited amount of area. The owner of the company should have all the licensed clear from the mother country and they he can apply for the free zone country. There are many companies opened in the free zone, but all those companies have their industrial license as well. Those companies which are in the free zone would require at least 25 million AED investment if they are an industrial based company in the Dubai. That is why local investors are more preferred.

Local investor for Company Setup in Abu Dhabi

The local investor is needed for the company no matter where in Abu Dhabi. A local investor is a requirement that needs to be full filled as this a country law. Only free zone doesn’t require local investors. .The person should be local, and he should have almost the fifty percent stake in the company. Then only then the company is set up in Abu Dhabi. This is due to the country law. There is no way around this. The local person can be easily found on the market that would invest in the company.

Dubai resident software engineers

IF the company is setting up in Abu Dhabi, then the company needs to hire the software engineers who are Abu Dhabi-based. There are different kinds of ways to hire a company and advertise the jobs. Different people can find about the need for software engineers in Abu Dhabi when they will see the advertisement. The pay always matters when hiring new software engineers. The software engineers need to be well versed in their work, and then the company should pay a good amount of money to these software engineers. The company developers pay can later increase in the future.

Company facility

The company should have a land where they can establish their facility. The facilities are necessary for Abu Dhabi since it provides companies to have a front end to deal with clients. Facility of a company is also called the face of the company. The face means where they can interact with different amount of clients out there. Companies do need to work hard and increase their client base since Abu Dhabi has a lot of tourist visiting. Creating good franchise in Abu Dhabi can be good for the business for the software company. A good franchise also attracts a lot of different international clients. Since Abu Dhabi is the hub of the international zone.


The license is required in the country when a company is started. The company gender doesn’t matter. The license is required to identify who is the owner of the company. Who has more investment? The license in some countries also has good command. Having the license in those countries means that companies can expand and there are authentic. But in some countries without license companies are not allowed to setup. They first need the license to set up, and then their authenticity will be tested later. Sometimes multiple licenses are required based on the sense of the work company is doing.


travel to sri linka

Sri Lanka is a democratic socialist republic. It is an island country near southeast India. In the northwest, there is a border of India. On the southwest, Maldives is located. History of Sri Lanka is dated back to above 3000 years. The culture of this region is very diverse. People from different religions live in this country.

Sri Lanka is a place of attraction for travelers. They travel to this country due to several attractive places in this region. Before going to Sri Lanka, there is a need of planning trip to this region. We describe some travel ideas for visitors of Sri Lanka. These ideas may include some places, restaurants, museums, culture and other aspects related to this region. Some of the ideas of traveling to this region are:

Visit Yala national park

Sri Lanka consists of many fantastic parks. Yala is one of those beautiful parks. One idea is to go on a safari. It is a most visited park in Sri Lanka. It is a second largest park in this region. It consists of five blocks. Two of these blocks are opened for public and contain parks nearly. Each block has its own name such as block 1 is named as Ruhuna national park. Adjoining area is known as kumara national park or Yala east. This park covers an area of about 979 square kilometers. It is located in the southeast of Sri Lanka. It is under the southern and Uva province. It was designed during 1938. Travelers of Sri Lanka should visit this park. It consists of a variety of animals such as Sri Lankan elephants, aquatic birds, and leopards. Yala Park is the best idea for travelers of Sri Lanka.

Visit Dambulla cave temple

It is a historical temple in this region. It is Buddhist cave temple. Five adjacent caves are located in this region. Colorful statues are found in these caves. The first cave was established before 2000 years. The size of caves varies. The largest cave consists of 16 Buddha. It is interesting to note that taking a picture of Buddha is not considered good. These caves are spiritual places. Traveler has to respect temples and take off shoes before entering to temple. They have to cover their knees and shoulders to show respect for Buddha.

Inside caves, paintings are available on the ceiling. These paintings are hanged before several years but these are still beautiful and attract visitors.

Splash around the beach

This is an amazing travel idea by ibn battuta for Sri Lanka. Splashing water on beaches gives refreshment to visitors. They go with their families to enjoy summer. Seaside resorts are also found near to beaches.

Take a train ride

Train route in Sri Lanka is between two hillside towns of Ella and Nuwara Eliya. You can enjoy the beautiful view of hills and tea plantation during the ride.

Watching baby turtles

It is a most interesting activity to be done by children when they travel with their families. Turtles are found in the town of kos go da. Hatching process of turtles can be learned by examining these baby turtles.

So, these are unique travel ideas for travelers of Sri Lanka.