Interview with Executive Entourage

Party Bus Rentals San DiegoPhoto Cred: exclusiveentourage.com

I’m back again with another interview with a local up and coming business owner from my home town, San Diego, CA. I met with the owner of Exclusive Entourage, a local Party Bus service company that is on the rise. This young company just got established last year in 2015. Now they are taking the party bus industry by storm. In this interview we talk about what went well for them, what didn’t go so well, what were some of the growing pains, and so on. This interview should give you young business owners another persons experience. Hopefully you take that and learn from it.

My interview was with the co-owner of Exclusive Entourage, David Caballero. He is a hard working husband and father of two beautiful children. David started this party bus business on a whim of getting establish. Kind of like my Last interview with Steven Ramirez with BB’s Eco Jumps, David got his business started by word of mouth sales. Mainly just close friends and family member were serving his business.

I asked David, what was the hardest part about getting this business off the ground. His answer was how to get his business out to more people then just family and friends, which seems like a reasonable response. I fallowed up with what did he do to make that jump. his answer was short and sweet, “the internet”. He hired a guy who knew about building and ranking website on google for the local market. Right now his business just got established on the internet and he is very excited to see what to come. The great thing about this opportunity is that we all get to see how everything turns out. his business is trying to get ranked for this key phrase party bus san diego. So we can track the process to see how his rankings climb in the next couple of months.

If all goes well, then maybe you guys can hire someone like Davids guy to get your business ranking on Google.

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Blog Posting and SEO

blog postingphoto credit: pixabay.com

Blog posting is something i have recently learned about and i am still learning about so if i get some things mixed, please correct me. We can all learn this together! Apparently blog commenting and post has been around for awhile now and i’m late to hear about it. Well i just recently got into the online marketing environment so bare with me.

How it goes is being able to use powerful and authoritative blogs and people are talking about and interacting with to power your website by attaching a link to your website on a blog comment. So what i understand is that there are two different ways to go about doing this.

  1. Posting comments on other peoples blog that is related to your niche. Must be a authoritative blog with a high page authority.
  2. Becoming a guest blogger for a highly authoritative blogging company

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Google Adwords

I just wanted to write this quick blog to talk about my experience with Google Adwords. I just set up a campaign today with Google Adwords and i am a bit nervous to see what the outcome is going to be. I set my budget to $20 a day. I am trying to be a little aggressive to start. This is my first experience using adwords so i am not sure what to expect.

I will be updating you guys in future days to come to let you know how everything worked out. Wish me luck!

Adwords Results

So I’m back after one full day of using my google adwords for a business owner and here are the results. Views from the keywords-2,029. Clicks-22. Amount Spent- $23.72. I called the business owner and he said he got 3 phone calls and 2 contact forms filled out. Google also shows you how many clicks and views for each keyword phrase you I listed.

So i would call this a pretty successful campaign so far. Obviously the keywords you use really effect how many clicks and views you get. If you have tried using Google adwords before and have not this kind of success, maybe you should try switching up your keywords or have someone with a little more experience to help you out.



Play in your League

So what do I mean by playing in your field.

In certain aspects of business and life it is important to understand your playing field. This is especially when it comes to business if you want to be successful. let me give you an example.

If i am new and wanted open an SEO company and start advertising to businesses about what i do, my target audience is going to be small business owner who probably really don’t understand how SEO works and what it can do for their business. So i inform these small business owner on how SEO works and how it can help their business. This is a better approach then going after some big name company who has already been established and doesn’t really need your help.

So play in your League. If you are playing in the minors and just starting out, go after those small business who really don’t know much about SEO. If you are in the majors then you can afford to go after the big fish in the pond.

So this is my little Entrepreneurial tip of the day. Short and sweet. Hope you guys liked it!

Facebook Advertisement is the Future

Facebook  image photo credit: wikipedia.org


For all you business owners struggling to get leads. Here is your golden ticket. If you haven’t been living under the rock for the past 10 years, you can see the drastic change in the rise of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, these social media moguls are taking over the media world. There are new statistics from convince & convert that show that 56% of Americans have a profile on a social networking site. Not only that but 22% are consistently using there social media profiles throughout the day.

Now guys who’s leading the pack of these guys. None other than Facebook of course. This article stated that Facebook’s impact on sales have increased 23% Since 2011. The biggest factor driving these numbers are the convenient use of our cell phones. 33% of users say that the Facebook mobile app is their primary form of accessing Facebook.

How do you think you can use these number to help you generate clients? If you don’t know how to use social media to market your business then your already behind in the game. As you can see there is going to an increase ion these numbers which means more people are going to be looking to social media to decide on what they want to purchase.

How can you take advantage of this? Get your Facebook Ads out there! Now obviously most of you don’t even know where to begin. How do i target these people? What kind of ad targets these clients best? You want to know the answers to these questions and more to make sure you are getting your advertisement to the right crowd of people.

Your in Luck! because i have actually paid for training on advertising on Facebook. Doesn’t matter what your business is, every business has a market of people they want to target. The strategies i have learned allow me to target to those clients specifically and make sure they see my ads on Facebook. These clients are more inclined to click on these ads and convert into sales.

If you want to learn more about this break through technique to help you generate leads for your small business please email me and i will send you my inclusive video explain how everything works.

See you on the other side! hope these number were as mind boggling to you as they were to me. And looking forward to help your business take advantage of the social media domination.



Starting a Business with no Experience, Smart or Not?

mind set of an Entreprenurphoto credit: flickr.com

Hey guys, It’s King Back at you with another post that could help you future Entrepreneurs. So how should you go about opening your own business? Should you plan ahead? Jump straight in? You can approach opening a business in a variety of different ways, but what is the most effective? Well I will discuss these question with a interview i did with a local small business owner. He will explain what he did and continues to do to get his business up and running.

A little background on the small business owner. He just opened his business last year and his business is Jumper Rentals. Obviously he hasn’t been in business for long so we are going to find out what he did well and where he struggled.

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5 Ways You’re Wasting Time Without Even Realizing It

wasting time Photo Credit: Unsplash

Here is a fresh one for you guys. We have all heard the phrase “time is money” or like this picture above states, “wasted time is worse than wasted money”. Time is a valuable asset because time cannot be given back. Once its gone its gone forever. Which begs the question, where are you spending your time?

Well it turns out, a lot of us are wasting our time on pretty much nothing. This article i found on Entrepreneur magazine talks about 5 different ways we are wasting our valuable time.

  1. Rituals
  2. distractions
  3. Communication
  4. refusal to adapt
  5. Working on the wrong priorities

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Welcome to my new website

Hey guys, welcome to my new website called E-Reader King. I just wanted to say Welcome.

You can read more about me here. The purpose of this blog is to express my new passion about entrepreneur expositions by filling this blog with everything i am learning, reading, and putting into practice. Not everything is all sweet. I will also be writing about me struggles and failures, and hopefully you can learn form my mistakes.

For now i just want to leave you with this little intro about what to expect in this blog. I will be filling this blog with articles i have reed and lessons i have learned and taken from them. So stay tuned because i will be posting a fresh new blog tomorrow about a article i just reed. I don’t want to give anything away so stay tuned and check back and see what i have in store for you guys.