Anatomy of The Human Energy Body

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

The anatomy of the human energy body can change your life in dramatic ways, not only through giving you a deeper understanding of yourself but also by opening you to a part of an experience that is your birthright. Oh and one more thing, check back often! There is plenty anatomy to learn.

Anatomy of The Human Energy Body The Center

The center deserves its tome. This has many names in many traditions, in tai chi, it is sometimes called the lower Tan Tien. In Zen, it is sometimes called the sea of awareness. In the traditions of energetic seeing and seership that I’m familiar with, it’s only called the center, and it resides a few inches below the belly button.

It should be noted that the center should not be confused with the second chakra. Instead, it represents the location where many sophisticated non-physical aspects of human experience are located. The center of attention, awareness, being, and power originate from this space below the belly.

In fact this aspect, energetically, is you. Because most of all it is the center of the experience.

Part of what this aspect of the human energy body represents is the part of your being which originates all of its other parts. The center is primarily the location from which all other aspects of force can be known, whether that force is a human being or the whole of physical existence, the center is sort of like holographic data that stores the information and power of the whole.

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In the same way learning to be centered can drastically change how you see and experience reality.

But wait a minute if the center of the energy body is already below the belly there shouldn’t be anything to do with it right? After all, you can’t move your leg to your forehead.

But the center can be anywhere within your physical or energetic bodies or outside of them completely. It can split and be in two places at once, and it can even be out behind and above your head.

All of this will affect your state of being and the way you experience reality.

I might write more about how these various center locations effect your state of being at a later time, but for now (and I speak from experience) being in the space below your belly will help you be present, focused, and relaxed in any situation.

It is also a key to profound physical and non-physical motions that many martial artists and seers have had to master.

Learning to Stay Centered

There are three ways to execute being centered that work best in my experience.

  1. Breathe deeply into space just below the navel and imagine as you do so that you are pulling yourself down into the space below your navel. When you feel focused, present, and relaxed that’s a good sign you’re getting there. Pay attention to how it feels. (Note that everyone’s center is most relaxed in a slightly different place.)
  2. Take a hand and put it on your lower belly while intending to center yourself there. Imagine as you put your hand there that you see from and through this location. (Be warned this may perk up your energetic senses and change your point of view, so maintain your relaxation to avoid injury.)
  3. Practice Zazen, Yoga, tai chi, or other martial arts for an extended period. Dance also works, but learning to train and collaborate with the physical body, patiently, is the best way to create long-term centeredness. Spiritual awakening helps too.

The Anatomy of The Human Energy Body The Connection With The Earth

If the energetic center is the most important part of the anatomy of the human energy body, then the connection with the earth (often called being grounded) is probably the second most important.

We tend to allow the mind to continue its pathway of objectification if we don’t stop and become aware of its habit to do so. If the mind isn’t balanced with raw awareness, it will turn everything into an objectified idea. Men and women cease to be people and become mere concepts, animals become nearly unliving or at least inhuman and deserving of far less compassion or consideration.

Obviously, this can go on and on. Fortunately, more and more people are aware of the rising need to respect and create communication and relationship between the genders and more are standing up for the other lifeforms we share the planet with. Strangely many still seem to view the earth itself as somehow, non-living.

In energetic terms, however, the earth is a living force like you only it is older and much more powerful Visit official blog and knows how to become anorexic in easy ways.

To return to being allied and one with the earth is at the heart of good energetic practices and healthy living. People who are grounded are less phased by the difficulties of life and strangely have more energy and focus in my experience. In the martial arts, we often attempt to uproot opponents with the understanding that to do so is to destroy their ability to fight back.

Make no mistake, being ungrounded is to have no footing. To lose the connection with the earth is very much like losing one’s connection to reality.

Even the Buddha just before his awakening under the Bodhi Tree touched the earth and pronounced it his ally. As the story goes, this was what pushed him through to complete enlightenment and defeated the god of illusion.

So there are a lot of reasons to be grounded, not the least of which is that it will make you more realistic and productive in your life. So the question is how do we become more grounded and take advantage of the human energy body’s natural desire to merge with the earth.

The Human Energy Body Reconnecting With The Earth

The best way to get back in touch with the earth is to look at it as a friend. I know that there are those who are more practically focused and even those that may just be embarrassed by the thought of thinking in those terms, but do yourself a favor, try it for awhile.

The challenge I would offer is that if you start to look at yourself like a woman or man riding on the back of a giant whale or elephant that is always your ally you will never want to stop seeing that.

There is an old myth where Hercules fights one of Gaia’s sons, but even as they fight and wrestle Hercules realizes he cannot win because every time the son of Gaia touched the earth his energy was restored.

We are all the children of Gaia. If you let her, she will feed you great energies of beauty, wisdom, patience, and power too. Ultimately your energy body will thank you for it.

Another simple Tai Chi tip: drop your tailbone just slightly toward the earth and imagine a great cord moving thousands of miles down to the center of the earth. Then grab the earth with your toes to connect to both her surface and her center, see how it changes you.