travel to sri linka

Sri Lanka is a democratic socialist republic. It is an island country near southeast India. In the northwest, there is a border of India. On the southwest, Maldives is located. History of Sri Lanka is dated back to above 3000 years. The culture of this region is very diverse. People from different religions live in this country.

Sri Lanka is a place of attraction for travelers. They travel to this country due to several attractive places in this region. Before going to Sri Lanka, there is a need of planning trip to this region. We describe some travel ideas for visitors of Sri Lanka. These ideas may include some places, restaurants, museums, culture and other aspects related to this region. Some of the ideas of traveling to this region are:

Visit Yala national park

Sri Lanka consists of many fantastic parks. Yala is one of those beautiful parks. One idea is to go on a safari. It is a most visited park in Sri Lanka. It is a second largest park in this region. It consists of five blocks. Two of these blocks are opened for public and contain parks nearly. Each block has its own name such as block 1 is named as Ruhuna national park. Adjoining area is known as kumara national park or Yala east. This park covers an area of about 979 square kilometers. It is located in the southeast of Sri Lanka. It is under the southern and Uva province. It was designed during 1938. Travelers of Sri Lanka should visit this park. It consists of a variety of animals such as Sri Lankan elephants, aquatic birds, and leopards. Yala Park is the best idea for travelers of Sri Lanka.

Visit Dambulla cave temple

It is a historical temple in this region. It is Buddhist cave temple. Five adjacent caves are located in this region. Colorful statues are found in these caves. The first cave was established before 2000 years. The size of caves varies. The largest cave consists of 16 Buddha. It is interesting to note that taking a picture of Buddha is not considered good. These caves are spiritual places. Traveler has to respect temples and take off shoes before entering to temple. They have to cover their knees and shoulders to show respect for Buddha.

Inside caves, paintings are available on the ceiling. These paintings are hanged before several years but these are still beautiful and attract visitors.

Splash around the beach

This is an amazing travel idea by ibn battuta for Sri Lanka. Splashing water on beaches gives refreshment to visitors. They go with their families to enjoy summer. Seaside resorts are also found near to beaches.

Take a train ride

Train route in Sri Lanka is between two hillside towns of Ella and Nuwara Eliya. You can enjoy the beautiful view of hills and tea plantation during the ride.

Watching baby turtles

It is a most interesting activity to be done by children when they travel with their families. Turtles are found in the town of kos go da. Hatching process of turtles can be learned by examining these baby turtles.

So, these are unique travel ideas for travelers of Sri Lanka.