How Google social media can grow with their new app Uptime

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Uptime is an application created by Google. It is an application consisting feature of sharing videos with friends and fellows. You can watch YouTube videos with your friends. This has been launched recently by Google. It helps social media to grow. Users have got updated feature in social media by this application.


It is an application of sharing videos with friends and fellows. It us a new app introduced to grow social media. Uptime is available only in the United States for users of iPhone. It is not available for other Android users. It is introduced recently for users of social media. They can communicate with their friends and fellows through this amazing application. It can benefit social media to grow. Some of the benefits associated with uptime can be as follows:

It increases Communication sources

Uptime can help people to communicate through video messages. It helps to connect with friends and fellows through sharing YouTube videos. Social media provides an ease for people to short distances with their families. Uptime leads to an extension of services provided by social media sources.

Sharing of videos on YouTube & Other Media like Twitter

Many social media services are available for users. YouTube is one of them. Uptime collaborated with YouTube for sharing videos with fellows. Users can follow other users on uptime and watch what others are watching. They can share video clips which they like. They can like or dislike videos by live commentary about videos. Moreover, they can suggest videos to their friends and fellows to watch and like. Twitter users who continuously get cheap twitter followers regarding price can also share the videos. It is an interesting extension of social media services by this application.

Extension of Google services

Google is a web-based application which provides services for users. It facilitates with its updating features on a regular basis. It has launched many services to facilitate the user. Uptime is an application created by Google. Uptime is based on an idea introduced by employees of Google. It was launched during 2004. Founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey brine thanked for this creative and innovative step by employees. It is an amazing extension of services provided by Google to its users. Google can grow by providing this unique idea for users. It helps users of iPhone in the United States to connect with each other.

More social video content

Uptime stresses for making video content more social. It strives to share content by floating icons of viewers of the same video. When you and your friends are watching the same video, icons of both users float across the screen. Both of you can share your feelings and ideas about that videos with each other.

So, uptime allows Google to grow by providing various features. It helps users to communicate with each other by sharing videos on YouTube. YouTube has collaborated with Google for creating such a unique and innovative application. It causes extension in services provided by Google to its users. It helps to make video content more social for users. Also, it facilitates users of iPhone in the United States. All of these aspects of uptime lead to growing Google social media.